Is it bad that I?

I'm 14 and drink at all our family bonfires which is every weekend when it's nice out and occasionally when I'm just sitting around in the hous. I'm currently outside and I was thinking about this, do I have a problem. I don't see my attitude change and my grades are still good. I mean yea don't go off on me "YOUR 14 what's ur problem". I know the drinking age is 21 so don't ask me if I know.


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  • Since it's illegal, do so at your own risk. If you drink too much and become alcoholic and develop health issues then that would be bad. If your grades are still good then I think you're fine. It depends on the amount of alcohol you consume, do you drink until you're drunk and wasted or is it just a single bottle or a small cup of beer or a glass of wine?

    • I've been drunk 1 time and that was last year. And I have 1-3 WINES not beers and if I have beer it's only 1, tonight I only had 2 mike hards

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    • I'm 14 not getting drunk again it so was not worth it haha.

    • well that's good then I hope you learned your lesson and understand the cause and effects of getting drunk and consuming alcohol

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  • Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it's bad, teenagers were drinking long before the USA was founded.

    • Agreed and literally nobody follows 21 and above. I have some many friends at the HighSchool going to parties and getting drunk and they're 14-18

    • @kellig15 My mom wouldn't let me drink till I was 18 and that was in limited amounts. 21 is too long

  • lol drink if you want idc your life not mine

  • I don't think it's that bad

    • Thank you, I mean I get it people's first reaction is I'm 14 but think of all the high schoolers going to parties I'm not like that I'm not going out and having sex and getting drunk. I limit myself unlike them 😑

    • I was the same way

  • YOUR 14 what's ur problem

    • Smh I know what I'm doing not like I get myself drunk it's literally 1-3 wine coolers and I'm done for the night

    • K that sounds even worse and know ur just thinking I don't know what I'm doing

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