Any good cooking ideas?

I enjoy cooking and such, and trying new things. Any good dish ideas? I recently made shrimp scampi and curry, but I feel like I'm running out of ideas!


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  • Try different culture foods

    Thai: satay with stir fry vegetables, sticky jasmine rice, duck curry with sweet potatoes, thai fish cakes, prawns

    Indian: okra curry, sweet pepper curry, lamb biryani, tandoori chicken, shrimp curry, fish curry, lentil soup, sambar, dosa, idli, somosa

    African Caribbean: pastry stuffed with mince beef, fried plantain, red kidney bean rice, jerk chicken, barbecue chicken,

    Chinese: chicken ball, chow mein, sweet sour gammon, dumplings, dim sum

    Japanese: Ramen, sushi, miso soup

    English: beer battered fish, caserole, toad in hole, pastry chicken pie,

    French: white whine sauce with salmon new potatoes,

    Just mix two cultures together and create new recipe :-) thats what I do. I always mix Indian and Thai together for example duck curry with potatoes with sticky rice.


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  • this might sound weird
    but you could give insects a try
    maybe through a salad
    or just as a surprise with the dinner

    • do you know where I could buy some? it would have to be online, I doubt there's anywhere near where I am that would sell bugs. also, any specific dishes in mind? I've seen grub done as a kind of snack, like chips or something...

    • i don't know where to buy it
      just search google
      you could try grass hoppers
      a bit of oil in a pan, add the hoppers and move them for a few minutes
      and just eat it

    • alright, I'll keep it in mind!

  • fried fish? I don't know lol

    • I could try and get my stepdad to let me make fish and chips for once... thanks!

  • Cook me it will test your skills

  • ever thought about baking as well

    • yes, I try and bake every week. I recently made a cheesecake too! 😊

  • How about making sopas or Spanish food. Puerto Rican food is amazing as well as Dominican

    • that sounds awesome, thanks! I'll look around for some recipes; I'll bet I can get some from my mom!

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