Eating disorder?

Hello, this is a random question.. and I didn't really feel like making a yahoo account to ask this question, so I thought I would ask for your advices. I forget to eat, literally food does not cross my mind unless I'm SUPER SUPER hungry. I will eat dinner because I'm with my mom.. and I mean I have to anyways. I do not care about my weight nor do I throw up after I eat. I just forget to eat. And the times where I do actually eat something, when I go run after school I feel horrible. Is this normal?


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  • It's not normal but happens often. Even if your not hungry you should at least have a bit of something to give you body nutrients. If you feel worse after eating then it's because your body has become way more sensitive to crappy foods it doesn't do well with. There is a similar process people will do on purpose to find out what foods to avoid for health reasons

    • Oh I eat good food, I eat organic, not to much meat, fruits and veggies.. I don't eat enough, I was told it was because my body is used to as much food so when I eat it feels funny

    • Even good food won't always agree with you depending on what you do. Yah thats true you feel funny from not being used to eating but it also does have to do with what your eating. Like if i'm going to be doing a vigorous activity later in the day i have to eat certain things to guarantee i won't feel sluggish.

      The other reason is you body may not have enough nutrients to supply the activity your doing or just everyday routine... guess thats kind of the same reason as the first but a different aspect of it.

    • Yea I can see that. Thanks.

  • no it's normal


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  • No, that's responsible consideration for your body. You shouldn't eat as long until you're hungry. If you do you're that, you're going to be taking up additional worthless calories.

    You might have a high threshold for becoming hungry, but as long as you are fine with eating when you do eat it is no problem.

    Anorexia is a mental health disorder, generally caused by anxiety and warped perception of one's own body figure. If you don't have that you are not anorexic, if that is what you are worried about.

    • I used to eat a lot, then I got depressed and my eating habits changed.. I just completely forgot to eat.. I feel hungry a lot more than I eat but even then I forget until I feel the side effects

    • Well, a lack of desire to eat is a possible symptom of depression. You have to take into consider your current emotional state if you want a proper answer. Are you still depressed - or did you start feeling better in recent time, and your eating habits have just become something you have learned as a result.

      If you are worried, it might be worth setting distinct eating times on your phone. Breakfast at 8AM, lunch at 12, and dinner at 6 or something like that. Technology is an amazing thing to remind us of anything.

    • To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've gotten over the biggest moment of my depression. I think I still may be a little depressed..

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