Any good brands/types of water that you could recommend to me?

So as part of current job, I do a good amount of my work outside.

When it was a lot cooler out, I primarily grabbed a soda for when I went on break. But now that it's summer, the dehydration that often comes with soda is starting to become somewhat problematic.

I'd like some recommendations for waters that I can try. I don't want the usual bottled water brands that just sell plain ol water. I'm looking for something like water with a bit of flavor, or maybe mixed with something to make it more refreshing, maybe a kind of fizzy water.. things like that.

Admittedly I'm pretty hesitant to experiment for myself. A while back I made the mistake of thinking that coconut water sounded like a very refreshing drink. Since then I've been a little suspicious of what I see on my stores shelves.
Yeah guys, please read the whole thing before answering.


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  • Normal water in a water bottle is good if you put Mio water enhancer in it. I usually use the lemonade or blackberry mix, its just a couple short squirts and you shake it up and then viola! flavored water.


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  • I'm not saying soda is best but when your body is used to soda it gets just as much water from that as a bottle of water. Some sodas like root beer have sodium which is really bad tho. Also when I first moved to a hot climate I needed tons of water just to be outside for a few minutes. Now I could walk 8 miles in high humidity at 100 degrees and not even need mire than a swig of water. Lol. I always take some with me just in case tho. I'm a camel.

    • You say your body can learn to get as much water from soda as from a bottle of pure water? Can you go into more detail about how that works?

      "I'm a camel."
      Yeah, you and me both.

    • I once read that people who are not used to caffeine don't get as much water from soda. Mayo clinic says you get water from it just as well as plain water:

      Question is if you need/want the extra stuff in soda. But yeah, it's probably like 95-98% water in a soda bottle.

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