Waiters and waitresses, do you prefer tips in cash on table or done via debit card?

Also, does the host always clean the table and find the tip or would someone else likely come across it while they clean all the tables?
Also, if you can, let me know if this was overkill:

$12 total
$6 tip in cash
Dine alone

Cleaned and straightened my own table, combined the plates and trash together neatly, sat glass on a napkin so it wouldn't make a watery mess on the table. Tip was partially hidden behind the plates.

The service and food could both be described as "satisfactory." The woman was also polite, probably in her early 30's, and pleasant to look at (not that it really matters to me, but it's not a BAD thing.)


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  • I've never been on wait staff or a bartender, but I would figure they would prefer their tips in cash.

    Not as traceable for tax reasons, and you're guaranteed to have your tip (vs tips being split across the staff).

    • Thanks, sir! I like leaving it in cash, personally; I just hope no one else touches it, like a customer or a different staff member.

    • At a bar I always give the tip directly to the bartender

      At a restaurant i leave it on the table

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