Would you try a "Glownut"?

NOOOOO!! Not that glow nut haha (get your mind out of the gutter there hey) ;)
Would you try a

I'm talking about a GLOW IN THE DARK DONUT!!! (Yerp, you heard me right)! A donut that actually glows in the dark!

Christoper The invented them for the vivid festival held in Sydney Australia. He creates a special "yuzu" glaze that has a large amount of B vitamins. The vitamins naturally glow a radiant yellow under a blacklight.

Pretty amazing! I for sure would try a Glownut haha unfortunately they're only available till the 17th of June :(

Would you try one?
Would you try a "Glownut"?


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  • www.court-records.net/.../...enchthoughtful(b).gif

    Well, as long as it's not full of phosphorus or irradiated glaze, I might. Honestly that's such a niche thing to have created. I believe it's going to be popular at raves and high school black out pep rallies, so time to start investing!

    • I'm not sure. I think after the Vivid Festival ends, they may need to start making these more frequently and not a one off thing

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  • This is quite unique, I like the idea 😊 Let there be light! 💡

    My digestive track will finally have light 💡 haha lol


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