Is emptying a 0,5l cocktail glass within 5-10 minutes wrong XP?

title says enuf :3.


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  • you're probably more out of it than Ozzy Osborne at some live shows anyway it's generally time to slow down the alcohol consumption unless you enjoy puking which you may or may not do anyways.
    As for the question it's not wrong it's just generally not recommended

    • goddamned everyone is going so soft. I expected people to go like "omfg act normal" or something like that. luckily I'm kinda "trained" when it comes to alcohol. so no worries about that ^^. 2 drinks. I wanted a 3rd but it started to smell In there -.-' so didn't get to a point as to where I could be drunk (due to being tired ;p otherwise I could handle even more).

    • 😂😂 okay. Good thing you can handle your alcohol then. I've come across people who gets drunk out of their mind on beer so yeah.. Anyway enjoy waiting for that type of answer

    • already in bed mate. but thanks anyways xD!

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  • Depends what's in the glass.

    • Mai Tai in this case. rum rum rum and more rum :')

    • That's a strong drink, I"d recommend slowing down, lol. Cheers!

    • long Island iced tea now 😇slow? what's slow xP? jk jk now I'm "slower" as the rest is very slow :').

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