Does anyone know the name of a middle eastern cheese you put in pita bread?

My two best friends from high school were from Lebanon and their mom use to make me this. I been looking around for a while and can't find it please someone help. I lost touch with my friends so can't ask them. Please add a pic too if you can and thanks gaggers.
Okay gaggers so the cheese I am talking about is white and almost look like feta cheese...


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  • White or yellow cheese?
    Is it Halloumi? That's a famous cheese in Lebanon.

    • It is white cheese and will have to google the name you gave me

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    • Honestly I googled that name of the cheese and your the one that found it I believe that's it.. Mho for you thanks

    • No problem and thanks, I love cheese so much if I forget the name of my favourite cheese I'll go nuts so I get your struggle xD

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