What name sounds better for a meal company?

What name sounds more catchy for a meal prep company? I'm trying to open my own business but I can't come up with a decent name. Any advice?
  • Neptune's Kitchen
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  • Neptune's Cuisine
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  • Neptune's CookHouse
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  • Neptune's Buffet
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  • Neptune's Grill
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  • You could just go with "Neptune's" and leave the rest as a description or a slogan instead of as part of the title...
    Like "Neptune's" - "Expertly prepared meals. Your kitchen." then just have an image of the kitchen of a 4-star restaurant with the head chef in the foreground with his arms crossed on your homepage and throw tons of those 10-second "DIY" videos on Facebook that show how to cook the meals you're selling. Link that video back you your homepage, offer a free meal-kit no strings attached (quantity available bases on desired investment, of course) and, bam! Tons of traffic, a respectable brand image that conveys an ease of use and high quality, and loads of "you gotta try this"s, even from people that got the free meal but didn't subscribe to the service. (none of the meal prep services I've seen have taken that angle before).

    But of the choices, I'm diggin' "Neptune's CookHouse". 👍

    • I mean doesn't it seem better with a second name like "kitchen Kitchrn" or Neptune's Meals" or somethin?

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    • I want it to be great but I've never started a business before soo I can't help but over think shit lol

    • ... There's litteraly a restaurant down the street from me called "Dicks".

      I think you'll be okay. lol

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What Girls Said 2

  • I like Neptune's Cusine better!
    Good luck! 🙂

  • cookhouse


What Guys Said 3

  • Are you only grilling? Are you only making buffets? Are you only cooking? Is it just a kitchen? Or.. do you make cuisine? Answer seems obvious to me.

    • Lol funny guy, it's more healthy meals but I will have shakes and ice cream and other various items for sell

    • Neptune's Healthy Cuisine

  • BriteServ

  • Why Neptune's... are you only serving sea food?

    • Just a catchy name I suppose... Originally I thought of Zeus's kitchen but I'm not too sure about that one

    • Meal's 4 You, Your next Meal, Healthy Good Tasting Food, Grandma's Food, Tasty Treats, Grandma's Cuisine,... there's a few ideas!

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