Taco lasagna. care to try it?

1 large onion
4 cups mushrooms
2 bell peppers
2 pounds ground meat
2 taco packets
1 can olives
1 package lasagna noodles
Mexican style cheese
1 large jar queso dip
saute onion, mushrooms and bell pepper, cook two pounds ground meat of your choice, boil lasagna noodles.

you need to put some salsa on the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking, than layer evenly in this order: noodles,, taco meat, saute mix, olives, salsa, shredded cheese, queso cheese, and repeat.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The only thing I am okay with from the ingredients is the cheese. Mushrooms are freaking nasty!!!

    • best part of cooking is that recipes can be modified

    • True but how can one make lasagna without Bolognese?

    • Bolognese is more of an Italian flavor that makes true lasagna I agree, but when a cross over is being done flavor needs to be compensated to suit the intended outcome. in this case, salsa and taco seasoning with the meat is part of where the cross over starts.

Most Helpful Guy

  • got something better Mexican narcho pizza

    • now Mexican style pizza might be improved if Fritos made pizza dough with their corn chips recipe

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    • but ima try your recipe

    • I will try the recipe you gave as well

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  • Hell yes!

  • sounds good


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