Calling all chefs/food lovers?

I'm having friends and family over this weekend and it's a sort of cooking contest , it is my turn to cook and I'm stuck on starters

any ideas?
  • Soup and bread
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  • A salad dish
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  • Mozzarella sticks
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  • Chicken wings
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  • Other
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  • A flawless cream of mushroom soup and garlic sourdough bread starter would be good. Fairly simple to do and if you pull it off, it's a crowd pleaser.


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  • Diced avacado, with diced onion, in equal measures, marinated in a

    • vinaigrette of white vinegar, sugar, olive oil, a few drops of soy sauce and lime juice. Let stand for 4 Hours, stirring occasionally. Cool in fridge and serve over fresh beansprouts, on a bed of chopped mixed lettuce.

  • feta cheese and sundried tomato tartlets 😉

    • This isent a bad idea, feta yes with sundried tomatos no, try feta and roast pumpkin or something

    • it actually goes really well with sundried tomatoes but its all down to personal choice.

  • Depends, what are you ganna do for a main?

    • And I guess how good of a cook are you? Lol

    • Lamb chops

    • Chops can be very filling and does perfectly with a light garden salad, so for a starter you proble want to go with something light but tasty, I'd stay away from a starter containing meat because that's your main

  • Chicken curry with salad


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