What is a British style steak and onion sandwich?

No need to point out its a sandwich with steak and onions... I'm wondering what would make it British style...


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  • There's no such thing lol. If you see that it's probably some random restaurant's advertising for the ill-informed.

    The only thing I could see it being is proper English mustard instead of the weak French shit.

    • China, they serve indian food in the thai restaurant, pizza as the follow up course to rib steak, and $12 lemon strawberry mousse cake that's the size of a tablespoon and made with water that smells like gunpowder... this is the town where your heart belongs

    • Watch when I go Tokyo this Christmas. I'm going to be questioning you on everything!

    • Ill tell you everything you need to know right now...

      Its clean and doesn't smell like a dungvheap wherever you go. You don't have to worry about people handling your food with the hand they just picked their ass with. The hotels generally suck. Stay at the strings at shinegawa station. Buy a Jr east rail pass when you get there. You'll be one station away from a main shinkansen hub and get the green ticket. Take a run out to matsumoto castle.. its my fave. From there go to nagano and hit zenkoji temple. If you have time run on out to naoetsu where you can see how my ancestors held and tortured American and British pows (you know, the lesser race that was worth torturing and not killing on the spot) where the unbroken guy was at. Its a nice train ride in the winter but its long and prone to stops due to heavy snow past nagano. You can do matsumoto and zenkoji in one day but prob not naoetsu.

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  • Well being British it is generally pan fried to how you like (blue, rare, medium, well done, etc) and the common combinations are:

    -Steak and red onion
    -Steak and horseradish
    -Steak and English mustard

    • Ohh yeah.. ok. Steak and yellow sweet onion... which was Mehhh.

    • Another common one is steak and caremilised onion.
      If I do steak and onion at home it's generally the one I do.

    • I serve it on freshly baked/warmed baguette, thin cut sirloin steak (fried) and caramelised onion and salad.

      My partner hates onion so i usually sub tomato in, cheese if he's in that mood.

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  • My experience with British sandwiches is that the British are really good at making any of them :D
    I've visited the UK on many occasions and these freshly prepared sandwiches, with little more than 2 slices of bread, some vegetables and ham/cheese, bacon, eggs, tomatoes or so, were always delicious :D

    • See. British food isn't boring!

      Also. I'm like a total top chef, just FYI. *polishes nails*

    • @Hidden_P oh yeah I've always loved to visit the UK... always felt at ease :D

  • Its the only boiled steak and onion sandwich in the world

    • ewww, who the eff eats boiled steak?

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    • @Hidden_P I often make light of British food but more out of fun to annoy my UK friends than an actual belief in the stereotype... then they pick on me for being a rude American... and it all works out in the end.. haha

    • I have visited England.

  • cooked like shit, maybe boiled, then it'll be British

  • Lack of seasoning, prions.

  • they use English cows lol

    • who knows... looked it up online, got no clear answer, not having much luck here

    • Honestly, though, I have no idea. been to Germany, but never the UK

  • I haven't taste yet frankly speaking


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