Have you ever cooked or reheated food on you coffee maker?

  • Yeah... I'm like a knock off MacGyver
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  • No.. why on earth would you do that?
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  • I only eat fresh kill, no heating required
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@TheLuckyPizzaDog who prepares her meals on a coffee maker cuz she doesn't like to clean the pans. The only person I know to have done this.


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  • No but I'd love to put a baby in the toaster for all those poor animals that were slaughtered for your selfish desires.

    • the reason i asked the question was because I warmed up some cashew chicken on the coffee maker, it was nice... and the supreme court will never be able to do anything about that...

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    • @Hidden_P ignore him and ignore what I've said here. This guy is one of my trolls that recently started following me around and saying obnoxious stuff because he can't keep on topic to a specific question. I've blocked him on anon, and would encourage him to come out from under his rock so everyone can see who he is and continue talking his shit.

    • I think we should wait for natural selection.

      It won't take long.

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  • No but if you put your toaster on the side you can warm up pizza with it


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