Help me eyeball my food for measure?

I'm doing another low-cal day this week, in which I eat less than 1000 calories. This is gonna be my lunch and snack at work today (breakfast is a huge cup of iced black coffee yay!) I usually count my calories and weigh everything on my low-cal days, but today I work so I can't. I want to Google the calories but I don't know which measurements to choose. I bought these from the guy on bangkok streets so yeah... this is why I don't count calories lol

Anyway... there are like 2 UNRIPE (half sweet, half sour) mangoes in there, some Thai edamame beans, some pieces of 3 different kinds of sweet potatoes, and 3 half wedges (?) of Thai pumpkin, which is unlike the pumpkin you know, more similar to the Japanese pumpkin. How many cups are in each bag of food? I'm so not familiar with cup measurements so help me eyeball them please...Help me eyeball my food for measure?


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  • So misinformed young padawan so misinformed

    Less than a 1000 calories 😂 Recipe for disaster little one. Huge disaster. You're going to gain back more once you binge eat. And you will eventually

    • One day a week. Not every day. Back to the topic please.

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    • The more you show attitude the sexier it is 😝Lol

      Edamame looks at about 100-150 grams
      The white thick slices about 150 grams
      The other 2 at about 50 grams

      If you need cups well
      1 cup each the thick white onesand greens stuff
      And 1/3 cup for the other 2 smaller bags

    • "I have done my research..."

      Hahah that's awesome! :)

  • You're making me feel gluttonous lol. I just ate 1800 calories in one sitting.

    • I had that last night from all you can eat sushi buffet lol

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