Who knows Greek cooking? Need advice on my pastitsio?

My mother always used to make the best pastitsio. She made it for my husband once and he loved it and he wants me to make it.
Since she never taught me to cook, my mother in law teaches me but she doesn't know how to make this. I sort of go off what I remember seeing when my mother cooked and I use the google. All of the recipes I see often look very bland to me.
Anyway, I want advice on the bechamel sauce. Every recipe says to use eggs but I'm not so sure I remember her using eggs. I do once, and I remember her saying she shouldn't have used eggs lol. When I have made lasagne, I haven't used eggs in the bechamel sauce and it has still turned out thickish. I don't want a very thick, solid layer for the bechamel. I want it to still sort of melt into the ziti pasta, kind of like a lasagne? I don't like it to be defined layers. I like it to kind of melt together.
So, should I use eggs in the sauce? Is it vital or will it still be thick but gooey if I don't use them?
I could ask my aunts, but they're all in Greece and the time zones are different. I need to make this tonight and I need to start soon.


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  • Sadly, I have absolutely no idea. Can't you make a phone call to your mother?


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