Hello everyone help me please 👀👀 ?

Hey everyone so this is not a relationship question, but I had a job at a pizza place (it was my first job ever) and i got fired :/ but I went to thank the owner bc It was my first job and almost everyone was nice to me, after doing that I got an offer at the same place again, do you think I should work there again I am scared I will mess up once more and get fired again (it would be emabrrasing) what should I do? I was a waitress and no clear reasons were given to me as to why I was fired just that I messed up orders etc a lot help please?


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  • if they are all nice then this is a second chance its up to you if you want to work in there again or in that type of food service

    • Yeah I just feel a little scared of getting fired again if I mess up, but thank you for answering appreciated !

    • dont be scared take it as a lesson and work on the reasons why you got fired to not repeat it, the bosses might even give you a hand with that

    • Feel free to ask the boss if he's willing to share the reason you were fired to begin with so that you may not reproduce the same mistake in a near future.

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