Girlfriend is awful at cooking?

What if your girlfriend was a terrible chef-can't make anything complicated. It's not that she's lazy or stupid, she just hasn't ever put in the time or effort to practice. She can make simple things normally, of course. (Sandwiches, soup, cookies, etc.)
  • It's fine-I'll cook for her if she's not just lazy.
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  • It's fine-I'll take her out to eat/ eat simple things at home together.
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  • She needs to learn how to cook- serious turn-off.
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  • Eat her nasty burnt/undercooked food and tell her it's great.
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  • Results, please.
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  • She needs to learn how to cook at least to a basic standard. I find it a turn off when adults can't look after themselves, it just makes me think of them as an incapable baby. I can cook so I have no problems cooking for someone, but I'd expect that they could at least cope when needed.

    • lol I like how your age is 101 (apparently , dw I'll give you the benefit of the doubt) and you still have turn ons

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  • If my girlfriend is bad at something (in this case its cooking).. I won't mind it that much.. What would really be a turn off is if she is not willing to put in the efforts..
    Like say, if she is really bad at cooking.. So am I.. Both of us could take the efforts to learn how to cook side by side..
    A girl taking the pain and the efforts for you is amazingly attractive..
    These are just my thoughts.. Ofcourse different guys think differently.

  • start simple. she'll learn, mine did

  • Cooking means a lot to me

  • I don't believe it when people say they "bad at cooking." All you literally have to do is follow some simple instructions (aka a "recipe"). 95% of dishes can be made easily, with the exception of some fancy-ass dish like soufflĂ© or something.


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