Intermittent fasting - healthy or unhealthy?

It's becoming a huge fad, I was just wondering if people agree with the hype.
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  • I do not want to portray the most knowledgeable human being here. But according to my knowledge, belief and observations, i do find it unhealthy.

    Nowadays unfortunately our society filled with a tone of biased unhealthy diet patterns and misconceptions that is hurting people in the long term.

    When it comes to diet there are two stable facts:

    1. There is no diet that works for everybody. People are different. Even twins. Genetic structures, mechanisms, metabolisms and blood types. We need to study our body individually and recognize what is best and worst for us.

    2. One sided diet is extremely unhealthy. Those who only eat fruits, or vegetables or meats. They all are doing it wrong. Our body needs everything. Just a balanced usage.

    Furthermore, fasting diet is the worst one. Not eating is not a solution. We do need our particular three essential meals a day. We can plan it to make it lighter and heavier during each meal and plan the calories, energies and nutritional facts of our diet but skipping a meal is the most unhealthiest action to approach. So i do not agree with this by any means.

    Good Luck.


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  • I do not do that shit. I eat every 3 hours and I still can't gain weight.


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  • You already do it everyday when you sleep. The intermittent fasters just extend it. That is why we have breakfast or break fast.

  • i think it is healthy

  • Something I've started doing more recently as I am a lot porkier than I'd like, careless tbh. I'll typically do 3 days on, 1-2 days off. Whilst 'fasting' I will eat if I must (headaches from low bloodsugar, lethargic etc) only a nibble of a biscuit or something, enough to do the trick. On the days I don't fast I've started to consciously make better choices. I eat a lot of cereals, alot! I do have the odd pie or bars of chocolate but nowhere near what I used to. I do however have episodes of discomfort whilst on the loo. My bowels need to acclimatise to the regime. A stone a month initially is the target, and it's more than achievable. Hopefully get 50lbs or so off me by Christmas, ready for the string of nights out that are a must during this time


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