Have you ever drank this drink before?

Have you ever drank this drink before?Aloe Vera drink. JW
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Similar but not that one...

    I had A different brand... There are sooo many but I always read ingredients... and gete one With no high fructose corn syrup... that nasty stuff!!

    I had with coconut pieces and without. It's yummy cold and you can get them on amazon lol 😛😁!!

    • I've had the coconut as well. Im addicted to it. Both the aloe vera and coconut ones.. They started to sell them in normal shops here.

    • No way I'm craving some lol 😛!!

    • 😯! Tank you!!! 😛!!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not this one in particular but a similar one. I love aloe drinks though the texture kinda takes getting used to


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  • I have a Aloe plant at home and its disgusting when you cut it with all the slime , so hell no I wouldn't drink that.

    • It's very yummy lol better if it's super cold... even my nephew drinks this. It's too 😋!! mmm!!!

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    • Really? I have a plant and I don't smell anything.. but I don't make juice with it... I just buy it lol cause it's refreshing and yummy!

    • @Errhh I meant when you cut it and the slim is coming out... it smells weird.

  • Aloe vera... hype...

  • Not that specific one, but I've had similar aloe drinks. I love the aloe vera gel balls in it


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