What is your diet plan for today? .. lose weight?

Specially those who are trying to lose weight XD as myself!

9:30 AM : I had one brown toast bread, with some cream cheese and tuna spread on.

I am planning to eat at 2 PM: one grilled chicken breast and tomato and pepper salad.

and at 4 pm for a dessert: I will eat plain yogurt with fresh peach.

when i get hungry maybe from 5 to 7 i will eat one pear fruit sliced.

I will also try to walk for about 30-40 minutes to help my diet!

what is your diet plan for today? ::)


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  • My college has all-you-can-eat meal plan.

    Breakfast: plate full of eggs, ham, hash, potatoes, biscuit, toast, butter, and baked beans. Second plate of crispy waffles, syrup, Nutella, pastry. Bowl of yogurt and cottage cheese with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and banana. Tea and OJ.

    Lunch: burger or sandwich with fries & onion rings, slice of pizza. Bowl of juicy, crunchy salad. 2 glasses of soda.

    Dinner: Plate full of main course, usually cooked meat and vegetables, pasta with tomato sauce, salad, more onion rings. Second plate of the same thing. Sometimes bowl of soup. 2 glasses of soda and 1 glass of water. Slice of dessert pie.

    For 2 years they served the same delicious food and I ate the same helpings. I never gained a pound.

    When I started living off campus and having to buy my own groceries, I would cook up ONE meal a day. A small helping of eggs, potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, or vegetables. Drank nothing but water.

    I went from gorging on elephant amounts of food to one small serving per day. Never gained or lost a pound.


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  • I had lemon water throughout the day

    2 Almonds

    2 medium potatoes, half a boiled egg, tomato salsa 3 tablespoon with 1 tablespoon yoghurt

    2 Almonds and few raisins, few dried cranberries

    Might make myself a shot of coffee like 100ml

    Will have mixed lentil soup with flat bread and carrot peas potatoes

    Will have probably some rice pudding


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  • Im vegetarian but I eat more than 3 meals,
    now I have a little muscle arm, abs I do it 2 years abit ahahaha also, I like boxing cardio at home everyday.

  • I'm PMSing so I had chocolate biscuit pudding for breakfast, I will probably have more chocolate for lunch, and its highly likely I will eat my partner before the day is out.

    • hahahha you made me laugh !! but yes!! i have a very sweet tooth when i am on my period i always crave chocolates and ice cream XD

    • Aw man I'm unstoppable!

  • Stop torturing yourself with low calorie diets, eat healthy, exercise and it will work better, you'll feel better

  • diet plans are not for 1 day
    they are for a life time


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