Does the price determine what things you eat more/less?

When some things like meat cost more and potatoes maybe far less etc. does the price determine what things you use for cooking or what you eat in general?
And do you add special spices to your food?


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  • The price doesn't determine what I buy. Typically we say what we want to cook and just buy it. I guess it's my taste buds that determine what I buy.


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  • Sometimes but not often. We usually shop where everything is cheap anyway. I don't eat much red meat as it is and the things I do eat tend to be not that expensive

    • I often feel like cheaper portions (of the cheapest packages though, mostly big ones) might end up rotten. Plus, more ingredients need more time and might not always fit to my appetite :/
      As with "weird" meals (like replacing things or leaving them out) I hardly thinks it's healthy, like too much of vegetables or meat.

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