Easy and healthy options for lunches while on construction sites?

I'm an electrician and constantly on construction sites, getting my hands dirty, so I tend to pack things that I don't have to touch with my hands. This includes mostly prepackaged snacks where I can use the wrapper as a barrier. I do not have access to things like a refrigerator or microwave, just my lunchbox and ice packs. Because of this dietary dilemma I am at a stalemate with getting a body I'm proud of.


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  • What about a bag of nuts that you can just pour into your mouth from the packet?

    .. sticks of biltong (jerky or whatever you call it) .. you can nibble it from the packet too.

    .. bananas? .. keep the skin on so you don't touch it.

    If you precut your fruit at home you could stick it in a lunchbox and eat it with a fork? .. so maybe a nice fruit salad.

    You could also just pack an extra sandwich bag and stick that over your hand like a glove while you eat? :) then that opens a whole bunch of lunch options!!

    My favourite thing for lunch is rice crackers and dip but if you get the nice ones, like cheese and chives flavour then they're nice in their own. You'd have to use a sandwich bag over your hand if you can't wash them, though..

    Dried fruit is also nice for on the go and it's easy..

    Whole peeled carrots are also good as a lunch snack and if you just hold it at the base with dirty hands then it'll be okay, just don't eat the bottom bit.

    • I hate tuna but my sister and dad often will just take a whole can of tuna to work, then they just eat it straight out the tin.

      I hope that helps? .. you could have a look at Pinterest, too. Pinterest has some amazingly yummy and easy lunch ideas!

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    • I'm desk bound.. so I can't use that one..

    • Working at a desk? I could never have a desk job lol

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  • Chicken and rice. Make enough for a week at home then take some with you each day. Easy to make and healthy. At least more so then any fast food place.

    • The only issue is that I don't have any way to heat it up

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    • I'll look into them, thank you!

    • No problem hope that helps.

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  • Look up various salad recipes (not just green salads, but salads using grains like pasta/barley/quinoa/rice/beans)

    White meat chicken , certain types of fish, and leaner cuts of beef... can be eaten chilled. The trick is to choose leaner cuts of meat, because chilled meat fat is not good texture-wise

  • If you have an opportunity to wash your hands that helps, but try to pack a lunch you can eat with a fork or a spoon. Like a fresh chef's salad, coleslaw, fresh fruit salad. Using a wide mouth thermos you can have beef & veggie stew, chili, soup or you can even have homemade spaghetti (which I suppose might not be as healthy as you're wanting). For food that you'd traditionally pick up to eat, you could try cutting up into bite size pieces and packing in a tupperware type container so you can eat with a fork.

    • I'm usually not able to wash my hands being on construction sites. There usually isn't running water until the last few days of the job. And no way to heat anything up unless I use a butane torch lol

    • If the food's heated at home and in a good wide mouth thermos it will be still piping hot at lunch time.

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