What are thoughts on Genetically modified food?

Isn't Genetically modified foods starting to help with things like hunger and possible medical advancements towards curing illnesses?


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  • You know thats a broad question. We have been genetically modifying foods since 10.000 years ago when we first did agriculture. We did this by crossing plants with one another. Its genetic modification but not in a laboratory. The problem is that genetically modifying foods as we can now do in laboratories can be potentially harmful for humans which is a really big problem. Nobody wants their fertility going down from eating beans or something.


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  • Absolutely harmless.


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  • I wouldn't eat it , they have this one test i took
    that required me to eat scrambled eggs with
    radiation in it there was no bad taste at all
    but still that is radiation going into ones body
    it was called the Gastric Emptying Test and
    i passed the test with no ill side effects but
    still there is radiation being used.

    • Glad there were no ill side effects. Do you eat microwave food or re-heat food at all?

    • I eat microwave food but it's not like what you eat from on top of the stove or the oven.

  • I think it's kinda fucked up that we're genetically modifying food. I try to avoid it whenever I can

    • Why is it fucked up? Genetically modifying food allows us to reap higher yields from agricultural land, which in its turn allows the human population to be sustained or far more land would have to be turned into farms resulting in less forests and such.

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    • We're taking something normal and natural and improving it for the benefit of mankind. I don't see us even being able to sustain the population if it wasn't for genetically modifying food.

      Everyone gets the benefit of genetically modified since it's a higher nutritional quality, is available in abundance, and prevents us from starving.

      You want to know what a carrot looks like nowadays?


      Now let's look at one that isn't genetically modified


      Sure, you can try and not eat genetically modified but everything is genetically modified considering the seeds are also genetically modified.

      People sometimes getting ill of food is exactly the reason why governments strictly regulate it, punish and remove any food that exceeds the limitations of potentially harmful substances.

      I get why spraying with pesticides is something you probably don't want, but GMO's are absolutely vital to our survival as mankind. Everyone benefits from it

    • @tartaarsaus I totally understand where you're coming from, higher yields, better food, it sounds great. It's just not something that I personally want. Everyone else can make their own choice about it, it's not a big deal to me what other people wanna do, it's just something that I'd rather avoid

  • Why would someone even eat that? It's gross and unhealthy, plus the taste of it is gross too

  • How can we avoid eating genetically modified foods? We realistically can't, most food we eat now (yes, plants included) have been genetically modified to ensure the highest yields.

    Yes, it may have very small doses of harmful stuff (which is rather insignificant) and it's heavily restricted here in Europe. But the matter of fact is that genetically modified foods give us the ability to have far higher yields resulting in more money and more food to sustain a population.

    Yes, it may be harmful for biodiversity but expanding agricultural land would be more harmful. Therefore we have to ensure we can get the highest yields possible from as little space we have.

    Also, nutritional quality has increased a lot since we have been genetically modifying food.

    Genetically modified food is a great triumph for bioscience.

  • Those are harmful foods.

  • I wouldn't eat it.

  • I would not eat it.


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