Cocktails and more cocktails?

Basically I run bars (when I'm not unable to work due to broken body parts). I love making cocktails and coming up with new ideas. A bar I used to run had no menu, you told me what you liked and I made you something, much more fun that way!

But what sort of drinks to people like?

There are a couple of options below but feel free to tell me others!
  • Sweet Drinks like Fruit Daquiris
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  • Booze booze and more booze like martinis
    Vote B
  • Bitter drinks like Negronis
    Vote C
  • Something you can't really taste the booze, like sex on the beach
    Vote D
  • Other, like something that isn't on the list
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh hell yes! Option A :) i like fruity cocktailssss.

    • Any particular flavours?

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    • Haha will do. Hope you get better soon

    • Thanks!
      Let me know if you need anything

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  • Cin tonic


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