Did you know that once you stop drinking coffee you become taller and vice versa?

I started drinking coffee 5 years ago, and I have lost 2 cm (3/4 inch) according to my measurements. Once I stopped about 1 year ago, because I thought this idea about becoming shorter if you drink coffee was BS, and I'm not a big fan of coffee anyway... seems like I'm somewhat taller than before. Not BS at all as it seems.

So now I consider starting drinking again in order to keep my height down.

Going through this experiment, I can almost be sure, that our height changes depending on how much coffee we drink. But still, changes aren't drastic, but 1-2 cm at most. Of course that's better than nothing.


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  • The discrepancies are either 1) systematic, you had some type of error while measuring your heat or
    2) the liquid discs between each vertebrae can be compressed and decompressed depending on how much force is applied and for how long we have been standing or carrying items around. So in the morning upon waking up from a few hours of sleep people are a bit taller than in the afternoon when the discs get compressed due walking and carrying our own weight. So depending on the time of the day and the exerted strain on your spine you can get different results for your height.

    • I always measure myself before I sleep. I don't have the courage to measure myself when I wake up, since I am aware that we are taller when we wake up.

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  • I highly doubt it. One persons findings that could easily be chocked up to measurement error isn't exactly scientific


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