Would you try this pizza?

Tomato-stuff on the bottom, like with all pizzas, then bolognese, jalapenos, pepper, bananas, cheese... and bearnaise ontop.. then bake it...

It's my favourite pizza, designed by me.

Would you order it and try it out? xD
  • Most definitely! Sounds utterly delicious!
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  • Maybe, I shall consult my advisors.
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  • Nay I say! Begone thy heathen!
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  • Probably not lol

    An interesting combination of flavours there


Most Helpful Guy

  • That sounds like too many toppings. I'm ok with avant garde pizzas, but it needs to be less toppings. Like if you're going to put bananas on a pizza, I would do something like:

    - Olive oil and garlic base
    - Bananas
    - Pecorino romano
    - Red chili flake

    That doesn't sound good at all, but it strikes me as having a better chance of working than your concoction.

    • I've had many variations of pizza, i eat this pizza like once or twice a week sometimes! xD

    • I uhh... well... I don't think I'm going to try it, however I will say that I will try to make a smorgastarta before the end of the year in honor of you.

    • That is much appreciated 🎩

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  • I don't think the banana would go well with bolognese and I don't know what bearnaise is. I'd have it without those

    • You can't know before you try it lol, those of my friends whom have tried it was positively suprised

    • Yeah but pizza isn't cheap, I wouldn't want to spend the money on something that doesn't sound so good. If it was free of course I'd try it

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