Silverskin on meat?

Does silver skin exist on other cut of meat other than tenderloin such as top loin or sirlion. Im reading it on pork so this exist on beef or lamb?
The only reason why I asked is because I'm thinking of making sweet and sour pork stir fry. and while the pork is cooking I can think of anything to put in it other than salt and pepper.. and putting the sauce on it sounds preety bland.
I've never heard of silver skin in lamb or beef.


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  • Yeah, silver skin is definitely on beef and lamb. The stuff is pretty tough to chew so that's why you typically cut it off. You'll get it on any cut of meat that does significant work so it'll be on your shanks, shoulders, and briskets as well.

    The thing is, if you're going to cook your meat at a low heat for a long time, I find that the silver skin doesn't bother me at all. In fact, people take it off their pork ribs but I actually appreciate the texture contrast when I pull a piece of it off my BBQ ribs. But then again, everyone seems to recommend that you cut it off so maybe I'm just part rabid dog.

    • So I read your update and I can't figure out how silverskin relates to it. Anyway, for a stir fry you probably want to remove the silverskin on the pork. Stir fries are all about fast cooking at high heat and this doesn't give you much time to break down that silverskin. As a result, it'll remain very chewy and will probably get stuck in your teeth etc.

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    • Well thats news to me.. are u a butcher?

    • No, but I like food and I cook a lot! I also am into buying expensive kitchen knives. This is the type of thing that food nerds like me just know.

  • Silver skin is basicially a fatty sinewy layer on any kind of meat


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