You guys like chicken liver and hearts?

I know I do.
You guys like chicken liver and hearts?

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  • I liked them fried the way my granny cooked them but I've not liked them when other people fry them and I've never had them fixed any other way.
    But I'd give it a whirl.


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  • I bought before 1 hour a chicken hearts. Do you have any good recipes?

    • I'll give you 2! Depending on how lazy you feel.
      First the Actual recipe:

      1 kg chickenhearts
      2 onions (minced)
      2 garlic (minced)
      1 chili pepper (finely chopped)
      2 tomatoes
      1 spoon thyme (finely chopped)
      1 spoon oregano
      0,5 L cup Crème fraîche
      fresh italian parsley
      1 little potaoe
      2 spoons butter
      3 paprikas

      Here's how you proceed with the ingredients:
      Step 1: Heat up a stewpot. roast the hearts gently in the stewpot. Add a little salt and pepper. Now add onions, garlic, 1/2 Paprika (diced), tomatoes (halved) and the chili pepper. let the ingredients "sweat" a little in there together with the hearts. Add 1/4 L of water and add the thyme (finely chopped) and the oregano.

      Step 2: Turn up the heat for around 2-5 minutes. As soon as you see the water you added slightly cooking, turn the heat down again and let it stew for 60 minutes. In those 60 minutes, If the water is gone from all the stewing, add a little from time to time. Then you'll add the little potatoe (grated) (1/

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    • You never told me your result :(

    • I through it out

  • Nope


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