Does anyone know some good vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving options?

I’m hosting a small Thanksgiving get together this year and I don’t really have any other recipes than the ones my friends have already tried. Drink and food recipes will be greatly appreciated lol.


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  • Dunno if I'm that useful as I'm not some expert on vegan stuff but I think there is a lot of knowledge and recipes on the Internet? Use google if you want to? It may be faster than getting answers on here.

    • I wanted recipes that people have actually tried lol but I guess no one here is vegan or vegetarian

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    • I’m sure there is... probably not on Gaga though

    • I only know 1 vegan and she is muslim. My aunt was vegetarian but stopped after ~20 years after getting tired of taking pills and all that so one time with my mother in a restaurant near a beach she tried chicken and she loved it.
      She used to hate meat when she was younger the reason she turned vegetarian.

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