Is it normal for a bill in a restaurant to have tip percentages that people give (10% 15% 20% etc)?

I notice when i go to Korean restaurants they have a percentage tip baseline on their bills such as 10%,15%,20%. almost always 3 And when me and my friends go out we always follow the lowest or second lowest tip percentage that is on the bill because one time at a Korean buffet when we gave a lower amount the guy said that the lowest percentage needs to be met in an arguing way and we don't like to be asses to people especially waiters so we complied. I don't know if its mandatory or not because when we go in the future we want to know. I just want to know if anyone else have noticed this?


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  • People at gag are dumb we have an IQ of 7 we don't know what percentages mean thus no answer 😢
    Here I give you a heart ❤️


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