Is it permissible to finish a Dead Man's last meal?

I was re-watching HBO's old "Rome" show and towards the end of the scene above, a slave or pleb starts eating Cato's last bit of bread after *Spoilers* Cato dies. This is after everyone had been alerted to Cato's passing. It just strikes me as odd behavior even. I mean, I can understand the times and the societal constructs but even in Ancient Roman times I would assume that kind of behavior was still taboo.

So I put it to you, Is it okay to finish a dead Man's last meal?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No it’s gross. A dead person ate it.


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  • He was probably hungery just because some one died that's no reason to waste good food especially in those times


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  • Of course... especially if the person is already dead... Not wasting food is a huge thing - or should be - nowadays...
    Would you not eat it if you were starving... for fear of doing something taboo?

  • The dead don't eat while starving people need to. Yeah, I'd be weirded out by the corpse but souls have no use for solid food and neither do cadavers. It's not like taking food from another hungry man.


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