Why do people dump out other people's drinks?

Why do people dump out someone's cup that they are obviously still drinking? So many people I know do that, and then they wonder why I have to keep re-pouring a new drink that I literally JUST poured.

THEM: "Why are we so low on milk? Isn't that like your 9th glass of milk today?".

ME: "I'm not sure. I lost track on how many times I had to re-pour every glass of mine that you keep dumping out".

It irritates me when people do that. I'm trying so hard to savor 1-2 glasses a day. But I cannot do that when people keep touching my drinks.

So I'm wondering why some people do that. And then complain about why they run out of things to drink so fast.

And restaurants do not count with this question. This is more like to do with people that you live with.

I guess it's a major pet peeve of mine.
Does anyone else here do that?
Does anyone else here get irritated when someone does that?

Is there a reason why people do that?


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds like a compulsive tic on their part.
    "Oh, this glass is sitting here and no one's drinking from it right now, I need to dump it and wash the glass so everything looks neat and tidy again!"
    My family doesn't do that, probably partially because I have my own area in the house and stick to it pretty well, so my drinks aren't left unattended, but also because my family is budget-conscious and compulsively wasting things isn't really on the to-do list.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow that's realy annoying. I would be mad but luckily it never happens to me


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  • This has never happened to me and I basically walk around with a coke zero can in my hand.

  • Some people are just assholes


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