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What is the funniest/embarrassing thing you've ever done when you were drunk?
Last night, I was at a party. This morning I asked a close group of friends what happened... I apparently tried to cut open pineapples and "tried to kill spongebob"


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  • LOL. In my opinion, that's a noble cause. I've always thought that show was pretty dumb and Spongebob was annoying.

    I can think of far more embarrassing things I've heard of people doing while drunk.

    • I've done worse... it's way too embarrassing

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    • Maybe you need to ask your friends to keep an eye on you at parties where you're drinking. Or are they getting just as drunk and doing similar things?

    • They wait til we get somewhere else for them to drink

  • I had a few drinks and a few edibles and started seeing a friend's Christmas tree staring at me and so was so out of it laughed at nothing n slept for 2 days straight. .. never again!


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