What are some “weird” food combinations you like to eat?

I’m from Maryland, so I put old bay on LOTS of things. Corn on the cob (the best), fries, chicken, any seafood, chips, etc.
Is that weird?


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  • Lolol this isn't really something I 100% enjoy I do it now just cuz I miss it sometimes, but way back in like middle school when my family wasn't in a good financial state I would eat rice with bbq sauce. Cuz there would a couple of times there won't be any food to eat and at the time my cooking skills were nonexistent, so I would just make something to eat whenever I get home from school. And that was one of the things I ended up combining way more than I should've.

    Just plain white rice and bbq sauce lolol oh Lordt


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  • 1.) Fresh pickles dipped in nacho cheese... oooo its so delicious!

    2.) Eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, and chunks of pancake mixed together in a bowl, topped with maple syrup.
    I call that one a "Southern Slap Breakfast Bowl" XD ya know, so good you wanna slap people. Great for Mondays...

    3.) Ketchup mixed wit BBQ with Lays potato chips.

    So good, seems normal honestly, but I've been told its weird lol


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  • I sometimes put dumplings and french fries together, combining food isn't bad, it just means that you want something different.

  • Drizzle chocolate syrup on pizza. It brings the flavor of the tomato sauce.


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