Does anyone know how to make fried tofu?

I have an iron deficiency and I’ve tried eating every source available. TOFU is one of them, but I’m tired of just eating it the same way, I’ve been wanting to learn how to make it like in my local sushi restaurant but I have no idea how...
It’s covered with something yellowish/brownish that’s fried and crispy.

Does anyone have a recipe that might want to share please!! Thank you 😊👍🏼


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  • Just fry it and the outer layer of the tofu will become yellowish and crispy. You don't have to put anything on it.

    • Seriously! OMG All this time I thought it had to be covered with something. Thank you so much 😊👍🏼

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    • Awesome, thank you so much for the tip! 😀

    • 👍👍👍

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