Why do turkeys make you sleepy?

Eating turkey during Christmas made me remember a conversation from a group of people saying that "turkeys makes you sleepy" which is... kinda true. I think? (Last night, I got tired earlier than usual...)

If this is true, how does it work?


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  • It’s not so much about the turkey as it is about how much you’ve eaten. After a very large meal (like after Thanksgiving or Xmas), a lot of your blood goes to your stomach and intestines to aid digestion. This steals some blood from the rest of your body, thus making you lethargic and tired.

    Sure, tryptophan May contribute a little bit, but it’s almost negligible.


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  • Because the human body isn't very good at processing meat. It only does as a opportunistic adaptation, when nothing more handy is available.

    You can't really realise it because you eat it very processed through cookery, but if you had to eat it raw you will find it somehow disgusting.

    • dude i eat a pound of raw meat and feel energetic afterwards i really don’t understand what you are talking about

  • Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which forms the basis of brain chemicals that make people tired. Not to mention the alcohol consumed on top of all that turkey!


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