If you don't like pizza, why?

No judgement just curious. Say you don't like tomatoes, there's a solution for that.


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  • What? This thread is blasphemy. I demand Justice for the name of pizza. Pizza is always good, pizza is always great. Even bad pizza is pretty good. Mmmmm pizza 🍕

  • I saw you posting about new York pizza, forget the ny and Chicago styles New England is where its at

    • Tell me what you love about it. PS I don't think you can down NY pizza unless youve had it in the MyC area and even then, from a good shop of which there are many.

      In my city, which is no longer NYC for some time now, we have two places that do it really well in hipsterville. The dough should be thin and like crisp cardboard, but doesn't taste like cardboard, when cooked.

      My friends hate this description until I take them to a pizza shop and they get what I mean.

  • Don't really like plain tomatoes, but tomato sauce is good. I love mushrooms on pizza, though, and donair pizza!

  • Can't tolerate the sauce, makes me sick, same way with spaghetti, and to me it's not pizza or spaghetti without the sauce

  • Love it, just not healthy 😥

    • I'm with ya. But it's def on my list of things to make exceptions for, just not everyday.

      I'm more than happy to run for an hour then have a nice NY slice folded in half.

      When I travel for work sometimes I end up eating food that neither tastes good nor good for you but loaded with calories. Delta's Atlanta Hub is the worst. They have sushi restaurants but it isn't good sushi. I end up stuck there a lot.

    • Do they have ramen or udon? That sounds like a safer bet than terrible sushi.

    • No my friend, no. You're military so I assume you've been through many airports.

      Honestly, many airports have stepped up their game and made at least good tasting food that is bad for you available, Like Houston and their seafood restaurant. I've walked miles and miles at ATL and read the food maps. There's nothing that I can feel good about eating and my company will reimburse me up to $55 a meal at airports.

      I'm just thinking/ why airport, why? Hubs should have at the very least decent dining. Most people that travel are business people like me and end up stuck at a hub for at least two hours so you don't miss your meeting due to a flight delay.

      But airports of the future are coming. Yoga, massage, fine dining...

  • I don't like tomatoes but I love pizza.


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