Is it weird that I’m afraid to get drunk?

I’ve been influenced to drink many times but it feels like no matter how many times I drink I can’t get drunk...
i can drink up to 4 glasses of alcohol & not get drunk..

i get tipsy but not drunk..
after o get to a certain point I’m scared to proceed drinking..
its gotten to the point where I don’t like drinking at all.

I've never had a hangover..
never went past my limit.
Im afraid I might do something very retarded

I do retarded things sober so..

My sister on the other hand has been drunk
she drank so much she’s puked all over herself
she said she blacked out and woke up in the women’s bathroom on the floor

i know a lot of you will ask for my age
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I’m the same once I’ve had a few and feel a little weird I stop because I’m scared if I get to drunk all my secrets will spill out 🤷‍♀️

    • Same
      Or I’m scared I might start stripping
      That’s my worst fear

    • Yeah that would be really embarrassing as well

Most Helpful Guy

  • So I’ll just say that at a party I literally drunk like 16 Corona’s and 9 modelos and on top of that I had drunk 4 Dos Equis and a little whiskey and tequila and I kide you not I was control of myself like o wasn’t sober nor drunk and the only people who believe me are the ones who were their but every time I tell someone this they always tell me it’s impossible.


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  • I don't think its weird. I applaud you for wanting to be able to stay in control of yourself and decisions.


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