Any good drinks?

So today my coworker ask me if i wanted to celebrate early new years since we won't get to actually see eachother on that day. She asked me to get some good drinks something that won't get her drunk drunk but still have a little bit of alcohol in it. In my mind i was thinking of some smirnoff but i wondering if someone else knew of something good maybe better that i could get.


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  • Disarono Amaretto, she'll be able to have it neat or mix it with any chaser.

    Malibu is something she'll probably like.

    Maybe you should also find out if she's a wine drinker or spirits.

    Amarula is another nice one, south African drink.

    • I have herd of malibu before. But i know they have differents flavors which one is the best?

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    • Cool man thank you.

    • No problem, if you want more ideas let me know, other than that, enjoy your drink up 😉

  • Orange juice and champagne.

  • Lol you thought vodka... Oh you kids...

    • Haha vodka? Just past vodka or mix it with something. Let me know

    • For fucks sake... Smirnoff is vodka...

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