How to act drunk?

I think of myself as bit of a lightweight. Might be because I drink mainly with my irish friend who can drink anyone under the table. I can't drink as much as her, but I do sober up a lot faster than her. Which always makes me question everything Im doing.

Its annoying though because I end up having to be the sensible one whilst everyone is absolutely smashed.

So whats a good way to act drunk?


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  • i once attended this party and I was one of the few ones who were sober, and so i observed everyone. Usually the drunk ones talked in a louder voice, and greeted every single one with a loud enthusiastic "HI!" even those they hate lol. Some were laughing too much, going up to other tables and shouting then bursting into a laugh for being loud. When someone asks them if they're drunk, they try very hard to be serious and to act normal, and they go like "What? No. I'm not drunk. I'm not."


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  • Everything is slower when you're drunk. Speech, reactions, movements, blinking etc. Try in front of a mirror, you'll notice it works.


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  • Lightweight. That’s no fun. Tip. Don’t pretend to act drunk. It’s kinda stupid. Try smoking weed? Or. That might not be your thing. Who knows.

    • u can't smoke weed and drink at the same time ahhh i hear

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    • look u got 2 options keep drinking till ur drunk or just leave it like u r now

    • What do you think I've been doing?
      I drink loads at parties, but even when I get so drunk I can't stand and Im throwing up, Im fine after about 5minutes

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  • Maybe just continue drinking throughout the night so you don't sober up, but if you slur your words and stumble around you ca pretend

  • y would u wanna act drunk dont do that


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