Ladies, please help me choose the type of red wine. What would you suggest?

I'm trying switch from hard liquor and cocktails to wine. For now, red wines are what I'm curious about. Which of these red wine types would you prefer and why? Also, if you have a specific brand you'd like to suggest, I'd be happy to hear about them. Thank you ladies! Cheers!Ladies, please help me choose the type of red wine. What would you suggest?
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
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  • Malbec
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  • Merlot
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  • Pinot Noir
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  • Shiraz
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  • Zinfandel
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  • Another RED wine choice
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  • I think the best thing to do it to go into a quality store where they sell wine and ask for help. Talk about what you like to drink, and what you have tried before and they can introduce you to wines that may best suit your palette, and your budget. Brands are distributed regionally and what I have available in Los Angeles may not be available where you are.

    Maybe join a wine tasting meetup group in your area?

    • Thanks. I'm in the Philippines. Beer, cocktails & liquor are the predominant "players" here in my region when it comes to spirits. There are no wine tasting groups in my area. Plus, the women here prefer to drink beer. My options & knowledge are limited.

      My brothers are from Northern California. They both have offered to send me supplies of wines but insisted that I be specific as to what I'd order. They are beer & liquor drinkers themselves. Therefore, they opted out from giving me suggestions.

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    • They did mention Trade Joe's too. I will request them to ask for suggestions.

    • Just don’t get the 2Buck Chuck. Not good if you’re working your way into wines

  • I like a full bodied wine. Do have your brothers go into a knowledgeable store - maybe Total Wine and get recommendations. If you want to pair your wine with certain foods they will do that for you as well.


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  • Merlot. I love dry reds 👍🏽❤️

  • I’ve been really into Malbec lately, but I love Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Claret, too. I don’t care much for Merlot, but I like most other reds. I just find them tasty and easy to drink. I may change it up a bit depending what I’m eating, but those seem to pair well with most foods that go with red wine to me. With Italian food, I tend to go with Chianti. If you can join a mail order wine club, that’s a great way to try lots of different wines at a reasonable price.


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