What kind of meat do you like the most?

What kind of meat do you like the most?One of my darkest secrets is that 50% of my Youtube subscription box is made of food channels, so while watching Mike Chen's food travels at Strictly Dumpling and hearing him talk about all the kinds of meat he as a self-proclaimed meatatarian favors, I realized the horrific reality that I would probably be unable to answer should I have to face the same question.

What kind of meat do you like the most?

My mind wandered off to pictures of dry-cured Jamon, but all of a sudden I started picturing myself unable to exist without a stockpile of fish roe or smoked salmon.
To this moment I found no reliable scientific method to decide so instead I chose to mention two of my most favorite meat products that most people worldwide probably haven't heard much of.

#1 Schwarzwälder Schinken (Black Forest Ham)
No, not the processed meat garbage that you have overseas, the REAL Schwarzwälder is a dry cured ham much like Jamon or Prosciutto, with a flavor profile more reminiscent of bacon that usually packs a greater amount of fat than its two drier cousins.
No day goes by without my fridge housing at least a pound of this beauty.

2# Smoked Bacon
"It ain't bacon unless it's smoked." -- Jamie Oliver (2013)
Bacon you ask? But that thing is everywhere!
I get you, that was exactly what has been on my mind since forever, until I kept running into foreigners considering me crazy for eating my bacon raw.
But why? I thought everyone eats their bacon raw!
It wasn't until later that I realized that overwhelming majority of mass produced bacon is not actually "smoked" and thus is not safe to eat without further preparation.
Apparently, most of the bacon in my country is locally produced smoked bacon that most lovers of sad rubbery bacon worldwide don't get much experience of, which explains the dissonance.

So what is your favorite kind of meat fellow meat eaters?
Do you like meat from a particular animal? Or a certain meat product?
Or are you perhaps one of the dreaded veggiesauruses?
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey duck)
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  • Beef
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  • Pork
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  • Fish and Seafood
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  • Lamb
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  • Game (deer, rabbit)
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  • I'm a veggiesaurus
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Not to sound too snobby, but alligator meat is at the top of my list. It's sinfully delicious.
    After that, I like seafood. It's the one category from which I like anything--from fish to prawns to octopus. There's virtually no type of seafood that I dislike.
    After that, I'm not really a fan of any meat. Lamb and rabbit are alright, but the standards--pork, beef, and chicken--are not to my taste (the sole exception being bacon strips... although, seafood still takes precedence over those).

    • I have to confess I was a little afraid that you might be a veggiesaurus.
      I dislike poultry the most, and the similar things that come close to it in dryness and texture.
      Much to my dismay, most of our cuisine is chicken and pork too.

      All you seafood eaters are making me depressed, the best thing available to me here is Bart's Fish Tales on Youtube.

    • Nope, I am actually a vehement loather of fruits and veggies.
      Most of my favourite dishes are within the grains and dairy food groups. But, I am true to my inner omnivore. What made you think I was not?

      Lol, does your country not do imports? How can it be that you have no access to decent seafood?

    • People here are stingy about food, which often means a lot of food doesn't make it our way because it wouldn't be profitable.
      You do get seafood that is fine being frozen but things that are better eaten fresh such as shellfish you practically don't get here at all, and if you do it is precooked and frozen or canned.

      "What made you think I was not?"
      Hah, no reason in particular, but sometimes people sound too good to be true you know?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Salmon is the best for you and it tastes great when cooked right. Seafood for me

    • Yeah good salmon just melts like butter, so good

    • Yeah, I always have some salmon in my fridge.
      Thankfully it is the one seafood thing we actually get here, probably because of Poland.

    • Oh well it's probably one of the best seafood, also it's easy to prepare. A lot of other sea food needs seasoning or a special way of cooking it in order to really taste great, whereas you can just throw salmon on the grill with some salt and pepper and it's delicious

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What Girls Said 6

  • Seafood is my baby and my love. There's so much flavors and so much seafood has to offer, to the taste buds and the body.

    • I would probably choose seafood too, but I live in a sad country where it practically doesn't exist.
      Jealous of those blessed with seas. ~

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    • It was, my home country doesn't really have good cuisine at all.
      Food is probably the best thing about traveling for me.

    • Its one of the upsides with traveling, trying cuisine that's been passed down for years and tasting different flavors. Always an enjoyable experience😊

  • I enjoy oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, squid, lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops.

  • Chicken , beef, all the fish I think and seafood 😍🍗🍤

  • I like salmon.

  • Fishhh.
    I also loveeee sushi.

  • Chicken


What Guys Said 6

  • There's a saying in Romania (where I'm from) that goes "Pork is the best vegetable". I strongly agree with that statement.
    Brisket, chuck and neck. With coleslaw. Or sweet corn.

  • Sorry deer, you're cute, but you're so delicious

    • I have never had a deer actually!
      Which is funny because I have had things which I probably shouldn't have.

    • Venison is amazing, but I usually only eat it once or twice a year so it's special to me and I might be biased because of it

  • Fish and other seafood, or Chicken. 🐟🐔

  • Sushi (seafood obviously) is hands down the best.

  • Duck chicken or fish are mine loved ones

  • I'm a vegan, no meat for me.


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