Do you eat out or do you cook your own food?

Do you eat out or do you cook your own food?
Since I happen to have a rather passive job and a flexible schedule thanks to working from home, I often find myself with a lot of free time on my hands.

When I moved away I figured that I might as well start cooking my own meals to cut down on the excess of my free time.
I eventually ended up not eating out at all, save for the occasional baguette I grab on my way grocery shopping.

I have never since found myself starving for a restaurant meal, in fact I find that cooking at home is not only so much more economic but also much more to my liking.

But I notice a lot of people I know aren't really into preparing their own meals.
Either because they don't have the time to or simply because they prefer to dine out.

How about you?
Do you make any particular dishes you are proud of?
Does most of what you eat come from your own kitchen or do you opt to mostly eat out?
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  • Bitch, I Gordon Ramsay it up in here every day!
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If you eat out do you have a particular place you like to go to or just go wherever you feel like at the moment?


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  • I'm the chef of the household, so most of what my family and I eat are home-cooked meals. I'm rather proud of my cooking skills (and I'm not the only one who commends them). :D I've mastered some pretty tough dishes--e. g., Bearnaise sauce, traditional Boeuf Bourguignon, Baked Alaska, Macarons (not so much difficult as hellishly tedious), and--my pride and joy--Pan-Roasted Sriracha Octopus (I'm talking whole, Pacific octopus here).

    I do go out to eat from time to time, but only when there's an occasion for it (e. g., night out with friends, the once-in-a-blue moon date).

    • Hah, I figured I might have overstated my ability to cook.
      I mostly just subject meats to various degrees of heat (grill, sous vide) and couple them with a side of lentils and leafy greens.
      I actually like making snack food the most, like homemade jerky or gravlax on crackers.

      I never got to mess around with food when I was living with my family.
      My mother was a vegetarian and my father ate at work, so any kind of experimentation was deemed a waste of money.
      It wasn't until I moved out that I started spending extra on food and appliances.

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  • I’d say about two thirds of our meals are at home, I love to eat out for an experience/entertainment but he prefers home. I cook everything unless we have a bbq, then he does the meat and I do the sides... I feel pretty confident in my skills and enjoy feeding people

    • ''eat out''? doesn't it mean eating pussy?
      I am just not native English speaker?
      explain please what ''eat out ' means

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    • We have something like that too.
      It's a website where once you buy any of the offers you receive a voucher that you can either gift or use yourself.
      It's a good idea but you don't really get much to pick from unless you live in or around the capital, or don't mind the travel.

      I have personally only used it to go to rum tastings.

    • Ah like groupon? This is slightly different, you buy the book (or app version) for $60 and get all of the vouchers whether you use them or not, but they can only be redeemed once.
      Still, it only works if you have enough establishments 😊 but it’s nice to try new things if they’re available, rum tasting would be interesting

  • A chef here, nothing beats home made foods, and fuck Ramsay

    • Hah!
      Yeah, I can't say I was ever particularly impressed with him, even though I'm a complete novice myself.

      What are your favorite dishes to make?

    • All foods are favorite to me, from salads and beans to roast beef and filetto di manzo , fish and sushi. All foods are favorite.
      It is a nice job but still not as good as people think

  • The older i get the less i eat out & cook my own as i think of it now haha. Cooking is also a fun & relaxing experience if you have the time for it 🙄

    • Yeah, time seems to be the big issue with people I know.
      Even if they cook, it is always something they can store in the fridge for the rest of the week.

    • That's true. But we must also admit that we use time as an excuse haha. We always find time for the things we really love if you think about it..
      I guess it resets back to how much you really love food 😉

  • I rately eat outside because I doubt the hygiene and it doesn't taste as good as home-made food. My family (when going out) doesn't go to restaurants with lower than 4 stars, must be up.

    I either cook or my mom.

  • Pelple have talents and cooking isn’t one of mine. I can do the basics but it doesn’t taste all that good in the end lol. But I still prefer that over eating out everyday.

  • We home cook mostly. We do go out to eat every Friday night for date night. But that's about it.

  • I do my own dishes every days and I never eat out, since it's more economic and healthy (except if you go to restaurants). And I also love cooking so that's not a big deal for me :)

  • I mostly cook.

  • I prepare my own food most of the time.

  • I mostly cook my own.

  • I like to eat at home.

  • Eat out


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