Is food dealbreaker? Read description before answer please?

Im too picky, i dont love cheese eggs pizza and a lot stuff what normally all love so much , is that deal breaker like if i get girlfriend and we go go to dinner? i love almost nothing like pizza and that stuff, is that problem xdd?
  • Yes its deal breaker!
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  • No its not, why it would be.
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  • When you get older hopefully you'll be more open to trying new things. If you eat healthy and like lots of different things like sushi, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, etc then that's a non-sexual issue. If you're still "little-kid" picky, yeah might be a turnoff as you get into your 20s. Shouldn't be a deal breaker but you could totally work on it! I used to be picky - didn't like pasta sauce, pizza, ANY cooked veggies, and so on. When I got into my early-mid 20s I started trying things I used to not like and realized I liked them! My palate totally changed/matured. My advice, keep trying new things.


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  • I'm kinda picky too, but not that much. That's easy... just go to places that have what both of you like.


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  • I don’t think it’s a problem, might be one when you get married though

  • It's fine for me


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