What birthday cake and anything else can I make?

My brothers are allergic to :
Nuts And everytype of nut there is ( peanuts , treenuts, etc.. Peanut butter, manufactured in or with nuts, processed in a facility that has nuts in it... This also goes for the other stuff they are allergic to)
Sea food

Please no hate commentents


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  • You can make a
    Vegan Cheesecake with a Chocolate Chip Cookie!
    Or a
    Gluten Free Cookie Doigh Brownie Cake Vegan
    Or Carrot Cake!

    The site is Emilie Eats...

    There are more recipes on this sure!
    HOPED it helpes!!


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  • Corn on the cob


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  • Oh god, today I totally made up a recipe and it was SO good.

    Like I don't know if you or him would like this, but a banana bread would be amazing.

    The one I made today I also added cinnamon to the recipe so it was even better.
    Basically I only used sugar, a smashed banana, cinnamon, baking powder, butter, two eggs and a little bit of flour but no more than 3 table spoons. Or you can just make it with chocolate chips instead of cinnamon. I also used some almond milk which is basically diary free and the butter was too so it's perfect and delicious.

    Or you could also make some brownies or just a chocolate cake and make sure you use all vegan products to avoid diary. And then of course use a wheat gluten free flour.

    Or just make a very simple vanilla cake and put some icing on it or chocolate and make it two layers so you put a layer of chocolate or icing in between.

    • Do you know where I can get icing or homemade icing that does not involve with nuts, dairy, soy, wheat, barely, seafood , red40

  • A plain white cake with strawberry filling


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