What makes an Arby's customer think that the "Beef n' Swiss" Exists?

People come throug the drive through, and order this item all the time. Only recently when we got new emplyees did I notice that this mythical menu item is not real. When someone orders it, we just mod the sandwich.What makes an Arby's customer think that the "Beef n' Swiss" Exists???
  • No one says anything about it, and just mods the sandwich giving off the illution it exists.
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  • If there is a Beef n' Cheddar, then there must be a Beef n' Swiss.
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  • The slider has swiss.
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  • Does Arby's actually use real beef? I've never had beef that kind of disinegrates and turns to sawdust like Arby's beef does.

    • It's real, and of very high quality for fast food. Musn't've been cut properly.

  • Shiiieeet😂😂😂


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