What eggs/cheese taste like? Is it dealbreaker if I dont love that food?

is it dealbreaker if i dont eat eggs/cheese/pizza, i just find that awful i mean it smells so bad at least eggs does.

So im 17years old and i never ate eggs and cheese, from the like first day of my life i always refused to eat eggs and cheese. When my family eat for example eggs it smells so bad and im getting cancer from it and i tough its awful taste and also with cheese, i just can't touch anything where cheese touched it. Im wondering what taste eggs and cheese have? I heard eggs have taste like chicken but im not beliving in that. When i try to tell my self its just food you can try it i just can't, when i see it i get cancer i think i would get stroke and die if i try one of that two. Its not about that i must eat it but im curious when all peopel loves it and i hate it soo much. And if i find girlfriend , will she find that retarded that i dont eat that type of food? Is it deal breaker?
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  • It shouldn't be a problem per say. I mean if u get sick from being around it, it could if the girl really liked those foods.

    • I don't know, i just can't stand those smells, parents were always saying if u dont eat this foods u will break and like i have to eat everything if i want to be healty. But im way too picky i dont love pizza cheese eggs and some meat like very unhealty mostly and always i was scared about it like if i dont eat eggs i won't have enough energy. But im sick like once in year and have some pain stomach one time in year and they have at least few times monthly. I think im eating totally healty but i was always scared if i find girl and for example we go eat outside most things have like cheese or eggs and im too picky. And i dont love even pizza so i was curious like what it taste like? I would be fine if she eat eggs but i for sure wouldn't kiss her after eating that for next few hours. Can you maybe tell me what eggs and cheese taste like? i know its hard but at least try :D

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    • thanks , i hope if i find girlfriend one day , she will find that okey :/

    • You will don't worry

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