Would you eat out of a bin?

I couldn't do it myself.
  • would you eat out of a bin?No
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  • would you eat out of a bin?yes
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  • would you eat out of a bin?only my own home bin or that of a loved one
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  • If I was starving and homeless

    • i can't say what i would do if I was homeless but if i was just starving i would go and get food from somewhere

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    • l am a normal guy l know what life is all about rats the size of large cats dont bother you unless you corner them they will go for your throat thats the way they attack if you are in a large bin or a large skip you can jump out of it in the morning but a rat can't unless it full of rubbish and it can crawl to the top then get its self out l hate the brittish goverment but l love the scottish goverment

    • scotland forever l love scotland get ride of the uk goverment

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