Why does my whole body smell like butter after you eat seafood with drawn butter sauce?

One of my pet peeves is getting food oil on my body. I hate it when food oil gets anywhere but inside my mouth. For example, after I eat oily food, I would wash my hands immediately before I touch anything else. Using napkins is not good enough, my hands need to be washed with soap.

Why is it that whenever you eat seafood with melted butter, your entire body smells like butter afterward? I am very careful to wash my hands, and not getting it anywhere on my body.
I just had an epiphany, it's the butter on my lips that I smell, because it has a strong smell


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  • To be fair what you consume can affect the scent of your sweat.

    Smokers and alcoholics can go shower and change but if they sweat a bunch start to smell like cigs and booze again.

    When I'm sick and I'm taking medication I feel like I smell terrible for a bit when I'm finally better but sweating out the medication.

    You can be sweating out the butter and whatever herbs are in it.


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  • Like shrimp scampi or dipping lobster in melted butter. What you smell is mainly the garlic that is in the melted butter.


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