Which type of food you like most?

I travel a lot around the world and i always check the traditional foods of every land i visit.
Except for fried tarantulas in Cambodia and beetles in Thailand i've tried quite a lot of different stuff.
So what's your personal taste? And if you want please specify from which land you come from! Have fun!
  • American
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  • French
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  • Mexican
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  • Italian
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  • Japanese
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  • Chinese (poor dogs and cats)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Can we please dispense with the cat and dog jokes about Chinese food? It hasn't been funny ever and just makes you seem blatantly ignorant rather than the "world traveler" you at yourself out to be.

    • Hi mr. Logical Answers, you just proved your ignorance because unfortunately what i was joking about is real, and i can also tell you that dogs were eaten also in Italy and many other countries during world wars and in other hard times. Actually dogs are still considered food mostly in China, Korea and Vietnam, and unluckily i've been in china and i've seen that stuff.
      Just for you to know in Italy it's tradition to eat for example bunnies and horses, that is actually something cruel and unbelievable from the point of view of people coming from many other countries.
      by the way, you can inform yourself using the easiest way to get infos without moving your ass from the couch, i give you the link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm mexican and I really like the food here

    • I'm Italian and i prefere Italian food, but i've been in Mexico and i have to admit that food is great there!

    • I also love italian food and well Italy is really beautiful

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  • Italian food and I'm GreekšŸ˜¬

  • I enjoy mediterranean food

  • Indian food

  • I like Italian food

  • I like Mexican food. Not real healthy.


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